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Back to School Means Getting More Time Back (for Parents)

With most of the nation’s schools open {insert sigh of relief}, it’s nice to see that kids can embrace some normalcy. It’s also nice to give your kitchen a break. However, it’s more important than ever that your children’s nutritional needs are met – and let’s face it – school lunches don’t usually meet the mark…and that is if your kids will even eat them, right?

If they do, it might seem like a miracle – hot food, ready and plated – and you don’t have to do anything to make it happen. Beware, though, about things that sound too good to be true.

While it’s great that someone else will be in charge of your kid’s food for the day, no one wants the hungry monster that they will face at the door if the school lunch was undercooked, burnt, or just…unrecognizable. Whether your kids are going to school for the very first time or the first time in a while, making sure they have a full belly is crucial to learning outcomes – even the smart people say so. But sadly, school lunches either aren’t filling, aren’t healthy, or aren’t tasty. And sometimes, most of lunchtime is just standing in line to get their food – with little time to actually eat it.

How Do I Find Healthy Lunch Ideas?

Set yourself up for success – and your little one, too – by ensuring they get the food they need at lunchtime without relying on the school’s cafeteria.

We know that sounds a little easier said than done. So, first things first: You need to do the work of finding what they would eat.

Easy back-to-school lunches are rarely ever easy. While it’s true that kids’ lunch ideas can be found across the internet, that involves a lot more work on your end, and that’s especially true if you want them to have healthy back-to-school lunches.

And don’t get us started on the Mom-Lunch-Prepping side of TikTok. If you haven’t found it yet – don’t look. There’s a lot of pressure out there (and you’re doing a great job!).

Don’t worry – you don’t have to know what a bento box is, and you don’t need a grape slicer or a strawberry seed extractor (yep, those are things to get your kids the healthy lunch options they need to get through the day and perform at optimal capacity).

How Late Should I Stay Up to Prep Healthy Lunches?

To meet all the demands of back to school healthy lunches, you’ve got a big day ahead. Or maybe you had a long night before. It feels like a necessity to get up early or stay up late chopping vegetables, picking out sauces, and making sure that the way you assemble the sandwiches doesn’t allow any bit of bread to touch anything else near it. And to top it all off, it has to look like a perfectly curated Instagram post. Perhaps, with a few tips (and a little encouragement) you can make it to bed at a reasonable time…or at least binge a favorite show instead!

Back to School Healthy Lunches for Your Kids – Without the Work

Healthy lunches (which we know involves the Pinterest hunt for healthy lunch ideas) can take absolutely forever. And for many of us, figuring out how to feed our kids and keep them healthy takes up a lot of our free hours. Plus, keeping up with all the most recent research on nutrition, finding recipes that match those recommendations, and translating all of that highbrow info into something that your kid will actually eat takes a minute. This brings us to our next dilemma – making healthy food your kids will eat. Trust us, that lurch you feel in your stomach when opening your kid’s lunch box at the end of the day isn’t yours alone.

The Venn diagram of “things that are good for your kid,” “things that are easy to prepare,” and “things your kid will eat” is three separate circles with a lot of space between them. As you weep into your fridge, hoping there are grapes in that pre-packaged “lunch-snack” thing, you ask: Why in the world did they make a Venn diagram for this?

Lunch Box Ideas That Work (with a Little Help)

Want some help with the never-ending task of getting healthy lunches for your kids? Don’t worry; at LunchBreak, we got you covered!

Thankfully, there is a happy medium between you working away all day in the kitchen (trying to guess which vegetable your kid stopped liking yesterday) and the woefully inadequate offerings of the school cafeteria. Back-to-school lunches don’t have to be a daily drama – and they are within your reach (and at a reasonable price!).

Healthy Kids, Less Work, and One Less Task – Meal Delivery for Kids

A kids’ meal delivery service could be just the answer. Thanks to us at LunchBreak, lunch ideas for kids just got a lot easier (because you aren’t the one who has to think of them). With lots of variety, even for those with picky palettes, meal delivery for kids means healthy options your children can take to school while also getting the nutrients they need. Meal delivery for kids takes out the work – and the guesswork – from your planning and prep time. And it will even arrive in pretty Instagramable packaging (show it to us!).

Let us fight the impossible battle to feed your children so you don’t have to. You deserve to have your time back, whether it’s for that cup of coffee, a slice of toast, or that few hours of peace and quiet in the morning. We’ll keep up with the latest healthy food trends, and we’ll create lunches based on seasonal, fresh ingredients. Heck, we’ve even made it tasty enough that kids will actually eat it! (We watched some of them, just to make sure).

With our kids’ meal delivery service, we bring food right to your door, and we’ll even help you tape it to them so that they can’t leave it on the counter if you really want us to!

Now, what are you waiting for? Go have that cup of coffee. You’re busy enough. Leave lunch to us!

-Team LunchBreak