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Family Style Dinners

LunchBreak: You Can Eat Our Meals For Dinner Too!

As school and sports are back in session, I’m finding it difficult to go through the motions of shopping for dinner. A couple of weeks back, I dusted off a cookbook to find a delectable dinner to create for my family. I envisioned pulling out of the oven a finely braised chicken surrounded by vegetables. Two hours later, three work calls were put on my calendar, and I forgot that I was on soccer practice drop-off.

At 6pm I’m in the Chix Filet drive-through with two hangry daughters. Don’t get me wrong, they cook a fine bird, but I felt guilty missing the mark on the nutritional angle. I then had an epiphany and pulled out of the parking lot with an Austin Powers esque 7-point turn. I got home, pulled out some LunchBreak dishes, and 2 minutes later, my family was sitting down enjoying dinner, recapping our day. Honestly, it was only seven minutes, but it’s a start.

Our mission is to give time back to parents, by serving fresh, nutritious meals to their children. Maybe you have lunches already handled but need some help during dinner time. We’re here to help! Ideally, we want to give our clients morning back, but if we can help in the evenings, that’s just as good. We took this idea a step further and supplemented our menu with add-ons for our clients to purchase. In addition to eating our lunches for lunch or dinner, we now offer add-ons. Everything from family-style dinners-Chix with Broccoli and Rice and Pot Roast with Potatoes and Cauliflower, as well as egg sous vide bites -a nice breakfast that you can eat with your hands while driving (that’s how I roll). We’ve also added a snack box. I keep these in the glove compartment to fulfill my children’s appetites throughout various commutes.

So, if you’re looking for a dinner solution, we got options. And don’t worry if you order our lunches and decide to use them for dinner. You can even serve them to yourselves. We won’t tell.

-Trevor Nicholson Co–Founder