Family-Style Dinner: Chix w/Broccoli and Rice

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We’ve rolled out an option to get some time back on a weekday evenings. Place the dinner in the oven, cook it up and plate it for your family.  Now, you’ll have actual time for a sit-down meal with your family to discuss, tick tock videos, why parent’s knees ache, and black holes. 

Marinated Chicken grilled to perfection, complimented with broccoli and rice. Don’t worry, we provide cooking instructions. 

Sneaky Nutrition:Trust us on this on. We took the chicken the next level, ensuring the whole family will be blown away by this vital source of protein. Throw some vitamin rich broccoli in the mix, and the family gets to devour a nutritious dinner.


Chicken, chicken broth, rice, broccoli, oyster sauce, corn starch, vegetable oil, sugar, soy sauce, sesame oil, garlic, ginger

Nutrition Label: