L&L’s BBQ Chicken Bowl

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LunchBreak is proud to Partner with L&L Hawaiian Barbecue to deliver their amazingly delicious BBQ Chicken and Kalua Pork w/ Cabbage. Located in the heart of South Redondo, this spot is a team LunchBreak favorite. We’re so excited to expand your children’s palettes by diving into some authentic Hawaiian food.


Grilled boneless chicken marinated in tangy, Hawaii-inspired barbecue sauce.

Sneaky Nutrition: Immersed in this ridiculously tasty chicken and rice is cooked cabbage. L&L goes there, and it works! Good luck sneaking in cabbage into another dish. Chalk full of vitamins and minerals. Most children finish this bowl and then go out and do monkey bar circuits.

Ingredients: Chicken, Cabbage, Rice, BBQ Sauce


About L&L

In Hawaii, everything about the islands whets the appetite. The ever-present sunshine, the trade wind breezes, the soft sea air, the delicious sound of the Hawaiian language itself. No wonder the world feels at home at L&L Hawaiian Barbecue, where we fill your plate with all the goodness of the islands of aloha.


“These bowls are crazy good. I always hope my kids don’t finish so I can finish the scraps. A rarity because usually, the kids finish. I need to place larger orders.” -Trevor, Co-Founder 

“I like to fake cry when dad says we don’t have time to go to L&L”- Zoey, Age 6 

“It’s true, Zoey fake cries. I don’t mind it because she can usually force dad to go. I love the bbq chicken.” - Sophie, Age 9

“Once the kids sense that we’re in South Redondo, usually due to lack of parking, the L&L requests start flying. And by requests the whining….so much whining. But I love it because I get to order my favorite pork w/ cabbage.” - Christiana, Co-Founder