Protein Breakfast Plate

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We serve this dish with a mini-bagel because little carb never hurts anyone (play on words and a dad joke). Particularly when it’s surrounded by an array of cucumbers, almonds and a perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg (because nobody likes overcooked hard-boiled eggs ). We include a side of our honey-soaked cream cheese which turns that mini bagel into the driving force of extreme jealousy from other lunch boxes.

 Sneaky Nutrition: As nutrition guidelines shift and evolve throughout the ages, the hard-boiled egg sits stoically, with the confidence that their health benefits will remain constant. From the egg white, dense with protein and vitamin b, to the yolk, an excellent source of brain food, the egg reigns supreme when it comes to health. We also throw a little almonds and berries in there for that fiber, antioxidant boost.  


Mini bagel, honey, cream cheese, seasonal berries, almonds, egg, cucumbers.  


Soy free