Sweet Teriyaki Beef

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Sliced tri-tip over rice balls with grilled pineapple, veggies, and a Hawaiian Macaroni Salad. Just because school is back in session doesn’t mean kids can’t rock a lei to school and dive into some authentic Hawaiian cuisine. Don’t be afraid to get dad in the mix so he can bust out that ill-fitting Tommy Bahama shirt at school drop-off. You know, the one that he proudly sports when on vacation.  

Sneaky Nutrition: Iron-rich locally sourced skirt steak (Thank you Manhattan Meats), with some spectacular tasting veggies and fruit infused throughout. We got ginger loaded with antioxidants and pineapple, great for gut health, great-tasting, and an excellent poking mechanism (poking mechanism not delivered with the dish for a slew of obvious reasons).  

Ingredients: Pineapple, soy sauce, brown sugar, minced garlic, skirt steak, jasmine rice, milk, cream, mayo, onion.