Tony Pepperoni Spaghetti Pizza with cheesy garlic bread

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We’ve recieved a lot of requests for spaghetti. Chef Dora took it up a notch by incorporating the taste of pizza into this dish, putting a fun spin on traditional spaghetti. When this was tested in our household, our kids tried to cover the container so that we, the parents, couldn’t have any.

Sneaky Nutrition: It’s all in the sauce. Chef Dora uses ingredients to make sure all the kids eating this dish get their daily dose of veggies in Chef Dora’s signature Marinara Sauce.

Ingredients: Spaghetti, Marinara Sauce, Pepperoni, Mozzarella, Parmesan, Baguette, Butter, Garlic

Allergens: nut free, soy free

LunchBreak is excited to offer 3 new dishes from Chef Dora. It’s always a blessing when we get connected to cooking savants in our community. Chef Dora and the team deliver an unbeatable food experience. They’ve been cooking together for over twenty years, which shows in the food experience. LunchBreak is so grateful to be offering these lunches that Chef Dora created to show kids how excellent nutritious food can taste.

About Chef Dora: Among Chef Dora’s fondest childhood memories are the times she would arrive home from school to the smell of her Grandfather working his magic in the kitchen. She could sense his presence the moment she opened the door and feel the love permeating the house along with the tantalizing aromas wafting out of the kitchen. It is these memories that have nurtured Dora’s deep connection to food and guide her on her quest to honor her grandfather’s legacy by striving to become a culinary matriarch to her own “extended family” of private clients, by creating something personal to each individual with the goal of making them feel special just as Grandpa Paul had done for her.

Like her grandfather before her, what brings Chef Dora joy and fulfilment is sharing her love for food by sharing her love through food. As she often says, “These are the moments that make life so sweet…so share the moment, the wholesome goodness, the love and the joy”.

Whether they be relatives, friends, neighbors or clients – or even first time visitors from out of town – they are all family when they sit down at Dora’s table, family in food.

For more information, please log into Chef Dora’s site to further explore how they could help feed you family through catering and meal delivery.