How long do meals last? 

All food containers are labeled with a best eaten by expiration date. If you are unable to eat in time, just throw the lunch in the freezer. All containers are freezer safe. 

How do I keep lunches hot and cold when packing a lunch box?

Although all of our food containers are designed to fit into a child’s lunchbox, we recommend that you use a vacuum seal insulated lunch box to keep lunches hot and cold. 

For further review on safety protocols on how to bring in a hot and cold lunch into school, please find the recommendation below from the Food and Drug Administration below.

Keeping Bag Lunches Safe

What days does LunchBreak Deliver? 

Meals are delivered fresh on Sunday ready for the school week. 

Who is LunchBreak?

LunchBreak was created to solve the parenting dilemma of how to effortlessly serve children a well-balanced lunch. Busy parents tend to lean towards convenience. And with convenience comes a sacrifice for nutrition. The sacrifice isn’t necessary with LunchBreak.

LunchBreak specializes in delivering well-balanced, tasty, fresh, and affordable children’s lunches. We eliminate the planning and preparation, giving time back to parents so they can spend it doing what matters most to them.

When does the menu change?

We make adjustment to the menu on a monthly basis. We do, however, have staples that stay on the menu at all times. Additionally, we have a seasonal selection on our menu of two lunches that rotates monthly based on ingredients in season that we source from local farms. 

How Do I edit my weekly meals? 

After signing up, you’ll have the ability to login to your account at any time, to adjust your weekly lunches. Additionally, we’ll send you reminder through email and text about the week’s upcoming orders to give you ample time to adjust if needed.