How It Works

Select from a menu of fresh, local, and delicious lunches and hit send.

Sweet relief right
on your doorstep.

Relax and go do your other three full time jobs.

The circle of life with bags, containers, and ice.

Spend less time making lunches, and more time stepping on legos.

“Making lunches.” It sounds so cute. How fun, right?? But parents know. Parents know.

Making lunches is a complicated dance of grocery planning, nutritional guesswork, time management and of course, your kids informing you they “hate quesadillas now.”

Well, relief is on the way.

Lunch Break has a fun and healthy kids menu . Everything is made fresh (never frozen), and delivered right to your door every Sunday. You can order  through the site, sign up for weekly delivery, and switch it up any time by text message.   

Our menu refreshes and changes, even offering a seasonal menu so kids don’t get bored. We love giving kids lunch. But probably just as much, we love giving parents a break.

For more in-depth info, have a look at our FAQs.