The co-founders, Trevor, and Christiana Nicholson built this company based on a need. As the parents of two daughters, they were desperate for this business in their lives. The time constraints of the morning routine were very real-getting the children dressed, fed, make lunches all while trying to get themselves ready for work.

The solutions were to stay up later at night or wake up excessively early to have enough time for it all. However, they did neither and the guilt set in one morning while Trevor was preparing a salami and cheese sandwich for one of his daughters. He fell to his knees and screamed, “THERE’S GOT TO BE ANOTHER WAY!” Talking with friends about this issue, they soon learned that the feeling was universal: making a proper lunch for kids sacrifices a healthy amount of time and energy.
...and now with COVID, and home schooling -we are eager to get out there!


Christiana and Trevor want to help alleviate just one of the many stressors’ parents face while promoting a way for parents to spend less time worrying about their daily demands, and more time with their children.

Coincidentally, Trevor’s cousin Oliver Dunn and his wife Currie were dealing with the same pressures around lunches, except their two boys were picky eaters, adding another obstacle to the lunch dilemma. After multiple conversations around the pain-point, the two families agreed on a vision to build a company that provides well-balanced lunches to their communities while also solving the picky eater quandary.