• Delivered from a kitchen, not a big brown truck.
  • We make lunches. And we only make them for kids.
  • Nothing is ever frozen.
  • Nothing is shipped or delivered by anyone but us.
  • We’re fresh, and we’re local. We never want to lose our community feel.
  • We’re surprisingly simple. We live by three principles: “Order, Deliver, Eat.”
  • Leave the containers and bags and we’ll do the RECYCLING for you.
  • We’re parents, so we know how parents think (when there’s time to think).

We started our business doing something every parent will recognize: screaming at the kitchen ceiling.

“What do you want for lunch? What?! Tell me now! Is your sister awake? No I don’t know where your socks are! What does she want?? Tell me NOW!”

We were humbled. Looking up, we asked the ceiling: this whole daily lunch making brouhaha—isn’t there a better way? Something quicker? Something easier?

So allow us to introduce ourselves: we’re Lunch Break. And sure, there are other businesses that offer meal plans for kids & weekly delivery services. You may have even heard they’re pretty popular right now. But we’re different.

Feel free to get more information in our FAQ section, or skip to the mouthwatering, timesaving menu to make an order.

If we do our job right, you’ll never have to think about this again.