When my daughter entered kindergarten, I attempted lunches with rainbow bread, flower-shaped sandwiches cut into puzzle pieces, unique snacks, and hand-drawn inspiration post-it notes. The first week, I officially rocked lunches. 

Fast forward to week two, the post-it notes go to twice a week, the sandwiches turn into squares with two halves, the snacks are a mixture of “I tried hard” and “I tried hard enough.” 

Then week 3, forget it. The motivation has fizzled, and I was lucky to eke out the door in the mornings with a completed lunch for my kids. Nutrition is out the window, and all I want is for them to eat more than they bring home.

I know we’re not alone, which is why my husband and I decided to make our lives easier. Well, harder at first… and started a company called LunchBreak that tackled a big hurdle for us. Preparing our daughters’ meals. 

Imagine going to bed without worrying about preparing your kid’s meals the next day. Imagine waking up knowing there are healthy meals in the refrigerator. Imagine that your kids are actually excited about the food they’re eating because they chose those very meals to get delivered to their door? Doesn’t it sound amazing? Well, it now exists!

So, while you’re weeding through the barrage of emails from school, CDC (child development center and the actual CDC), PTA, Education Foundation, managing the sports/activity schedules, homework assignments, working a full-time job, and maintaining your household -know this: LunchBreak is out there to help give you time back and peace of mind knowing your children will be eating healthy meals.

Oftentimes kids don’t get to make too many decisions. Sure, perhaps which TV show the family watches, or what they want to play outside. But when it comes to their morning routine, homework schedule, after-school activities, manners at the table, practicing their instrument or reading before bed, we are constantly guiding, molding and teaching. They can say no, but we can overrule. When it comes to food, it’s the same thing – they are being told what’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But with food, they can decide whether they eat it or not. And that, my friends, is the power struggle that we often lose. Children want to be able to control something.

So let’s talk about the concept of granting our little ones the gift of control. At LunchBreak, we’ve found there’s a way to get your children invested in the food they eat and bring home relatively empty lunch boxes, and finished plates at dinner! By choosing their own meals, sitting with them in front of the menu, looking at the pictures of the food, reading the descriptions, and having them decide what they want for themselves… That is the secret sauce. It helps that every item on the menu is parent-friendly, with sneaky nutrition in every dish so that you can say goodbye to guardrails for this one task at least! When it shows up at the door, it’s the result of your child’s decisions, and it’s theirs to own and explore. How many times have you seen your child eat something they chose? Almost always. 

My daughter told me after our most recent LunchBreak delivery, “I love Mondays when I can go into the fridge and see all the options for food for the week. I get so excited to see all my choices!”

We’re also focused on making as little impact on the environment as possible. Between delivering in reusable bags, providing a recycling program for families (bags and ice packets), donating meal overages to Rainbow Services, and produce overages to The Beacon House, we are committed to making as big of an impact in the most sustainable way we can. Our community matters, and we want to lead by example.

Now you can find something else to worry about! Like, how am I going to swing overlapping soccer practices at two different locations?

– Christiana Nicholson, Co-Founder, Executive, Wife, and Mother of two daughters… and a dog.