The co-founders, Trevor and Christiana Nicholson built this company based on a need. As parents of two daughters, they were feeling the time constraints of the morning routine -getting the children dressed, fed, and thinking of creative kids
lunches all while trying to get themselves ready for work.

The solutions were to stay up later at night or wake up excessively early to have enough time for it all. They did neither, and born was the salami and cheese sandwich era. Rounding out month two, Trevor had a moment of clarity, “THERE’S GOT TO
BE ANOTHER WAY!” Talking with friends about this issue, they soon learned that the feeling was universal: making a proper lunch for kids sacrifices a healthy amount of time and energy.

Thus the concept of LunchBreak.

Christiana and Trevor want to help alleviate just one of the many stressors’ parents face while promoting a way for parents to spend less time worrying about their daily demands, and more time with their children. Demands that now, amidst
COVID-19, border on superhuman.

Early December 2017:

The Nicholson family frantically running around the kitchen, getting ready for work and school.

Christiana: Did you make the girls’ lunches?

Trevor: I thought you were on lunches this morning?

Christiana: No, you are. It’s in the family calendar.

Trevor: I didn’t even know we had a family calendar

March 2018-Evening:

Trevor and Christiana talking at the kitchen table

Trevor: You’re on lunches tomorrow

Christiana: Gah, I want to outsource lunches. Anything exist like that?

Trevor: Nope. Already looked…

Eyes meet, wheels turning

April 2018-Morning:

Trevor and Christiana find the first free moment since March’s enlightening, to vet the idea. Is this possible?

Christiana: so…who’s going to cook the meals?

Trevor: I am

Christiana: Who’s going to deliver the meals?

Trevor: I am. How hard could it be?

Christiana gives a supportive but slightly confused nod.

Trev quits his job, spends his days writing a business plan, teaching himself how to write a business plan, convincing himself he didn’t make a mistake quitting his job, getting certified in food safety, and planning a beta test

May 2019- Beta Test:

18 families, 33 children, 2 weeks. Trevor and Oliver. • Arrive at the kitchen (4pm) Oliver: When do you think we’ll be ready for delivery?

Trevor: By my calculations, we’ll be on the road by 10pm.

(3:30am) Trevor and Oliver leave the kitchen to start meal deliveries.

June 2019: Logo Change

October 2019:

Hiring a chef, Carl. Menu Revamp

Text from Christiana to Carl and Oliver…

January 2020:

Investor conversations start

February 2020:

LunchBreak successfully raises 40% of the investment needed to start the business

March 2020:

COVID hits: LunchBreak successfully loses the 40% of their investment commitments needed to start the business.

May 2020:

Like all parents, Christiana and Trevor are faced with the added daily tasks of homeschooling and feeding their children during the day. More than ever, Lunchbreak is needed…And a life project manager.

October 2020:

LunchBreak secures investment commitments over countless Zoom presentations… in their garage… hiding from their daughters.